The mind is everything, what you think you become (Buddha…)

I truly believe in the power of the universe.  We make our life, as we think.  The universe reflects our thoughts right back at us.

You are free to think thoughts of worry & joy.  Whatever you choose, will attract the same back to you. Go for joy!


Positive thinking & attitude works miracles

So simple it is, just give positive thinking, positive questions, positive approaches, a lot of importance in your life. Focus on them and give a lot of duration to them over a period of time, and they get sealed in the brain as well. Now the brain says: “That’s easy”, and automatically thinks about positive things. It is very important to know where our energy flows, is where attention goes.

I’ve done this so much in my life that I automatically think about the best possible outcomes in almost everything I do. I used to think about the negative outcomes, but I thought that wasn’t supporting me. I was becoming a person I wasn’t liking myself.  If I was not comfortable with myself, people would just move away from me.

I lost my job a couple of years back and my mind went into a negative state, after months of trying to look for a job and always getting dejected. One negative thought led to the other. My finances suffered, confidence was low and I felt nothing was working for me. I started withdrawing from friends and family. Now when I look back, I feel, even one negative thought can start the process of going downhill, it slowly starts touching the other parts of your life, it¹s like a domino effect.

That is when I stumbled upon this book about positive thinking. I consciously started thinking of positive images, situations, and circumstances regarding my job. The moment I used to have a negative thought, I used to just shake my head, snap my fingers and say restart. Just imagining getting offers and a good salary and what I am doing, automatically made me feel energized. And I imagined all this in the present as if I already had everything.

Train the brain!

Looking for a job did not seem like a daunting task.  Such was the effect of turning my thoughts & actions from negative to positive, things started happening wherein finally I got a job.  As they say and which I feel is true, that if you really want something, the universe conspires to get it to you.

As we become more & more positive and more & more joyful, by our powerful example we uplift all of those around us. Go ahead, change your life, it was, it is and will always be in your hands.

May the power of the universe always be with you.

Shahina Saeed