The impact of meditation

Ever thought you can be peaceful when there is chaos around you? I’m giving you a very clichéd answer – meditate. The word meditation gives the feeling of something difficult, and so we brush the thought away. I too felt the same. However, I was curious and I wanted to get rid of agitation and anxiety. So I decided to give it a try. I finally learnt Rajyoga meditation.

Personal Experience

There was some construction work going on at my house then. My frustration with the workers was evident. How I longed for them to wind up!! I wanted my home to be peaceful. I kept blaming them for their incapacity, inefficiency. But he sits and listens to all our complaints.

We were told to do meditation early morning, and so I did. I was in the initial stages of learning and was following the rules accurately. The workers came and began their activities. I realised- I wasn’t getting angry or even irritated. What happened? Were these people working efficiently? Were they following my instructions? NO – not at all. They were working exactly the same way. What changed?


I had changed. And I realised for the first time – it wasn’t them who were inefficient. I was. I was wasting my time blaming them and trying to change them. Why would they change? They were very happy in their inefficiency.

Who was unhappy? It was me. So who needed to change? It was me. All the fingers were pointing towards me.

The question arose as to what happened. How did my attitude change? The only thing I had added to my routine of grumbling was – Meditation. Did it really calm me down? This question kept popping up in my mind. Me – the person who needed proof for everything – was experiencing this strange feeling of being calm in chaos.

How this works

meditationA study was conducted by a reputed university, where a person in Mumbai was connected to sensors to map his thoughts. Another person was made to sit similarly in Paris. The person in Mumbai was told to create a thought for the person in Paris. The machine made an EEG pattern. Amazingly it was seen that soon the same EEG pattern was made by the machine connected to the man in Paris! The scientists said that it was a definite proof that thoughts reach the people we think about. Also, the state of the people we connect with has an immediate effect on us! Today people in general are not stable. So, if they are not stable we also feel unstable and we feel low and sad. Often we feel sad and we are unable to pin point the reason. However, the Divine – is constantly in the highest state of being.

In meditation, we do connect to the Supreme- the Almighty, the ocean of peace, love, knowledge, bliss. So when I connect with HIM – I automatically receive the highest, most elevated form of energy.

As I do that – the negative energies inside me begin to wash out. Happiness emerges from within and a feeling of super sensual joy takes over all the base emotions. One begins to feel detached from the mundane things. As this happens the feeling of anger or irritation diminishes and we are able to remain calm despite the crisis around.

Slowly I gained many more experiences and now after 9 years of practicing – it has become an inherent part of my life. Life is beautiful despite the situations and sometimes chaos around.

Rachna Gupta

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