It’s time for a personal transformation!

You know you’re here for big things, right? You have a difference to make and a purpose to live. And if you’re doing that right now – perfect. Keep doing your thing.


If you’re not, and you’re unsure how to start, it’s possible you’ve missed the important journey you need to take to get to where you want to be.

Whatever you like to call it –  personal transformation, personal growth, personal development or finding yourself – this journey is you exploring and developing who you truly are. It explores identity, talents and potential, as well as dreams and aspirations. It develops you physically, mentally, spiritually and intellectually.

This journey can look however you want it to – that’s the personal part!

To get you started, here are some ways you can stimulate personal growth and personal transformation. These are a few of my favorites, create your own list…

Know yourself

Self-knowledge is not just about knowing your likes and dislikes, it’s about knowing who you truly are as a person: How you look at life? How you interact with others? What fires you up? What leaves you shaking? What gets your heart pumping? A person who sincerely knows who they are shines with confidence.

Surround yourself with beautiful people

I’m talking about inner beauty, of course. People that make you see the world in a new way. People that do extraordinary things. People that exude the qualities you’d love have rubbed off on you; kindness, compassion, bravery, drive. People that have a story to tell, gifts to share and lessons to teach.

Three good things practice. 

Each day, you write down three good things that happened throughout your day, or three things you are thankful for. It can be as simple as ‘I’m thankful for a warm sunny day today’.

Meet new people

If you’re shy or introverted, this will serve as you getting outside of your comfort zone. Spending time with new people will broaden your horizons and open up different adventures and opportunities in your life. Unsure of how? Friends of friends is always a good start. Get yourself invited to parties and make it your mission to talk to someone you don’t know. Strike up a conversation at the gym. Introduce yourself to the person you always see at your favorite park or beach. Ask to share a table with a stranger at a busy café.


We get emotionally attached to ‘stuff’. When you finally purge and rid yourself of all the clutter you’ve hoarded over a lifetime, you feel empowered. It’s freeing. Bin, donate, cull down. Be especially mindful of what you bring into your life in the future.

Get in touch with nature

Take time out each day to get some fresh air, walk through a beautiful park or garden, visit the beach or just watch the clouds. It’s a mini escape, and plants you firmly in the ‘real world’, as opposed to the virtual world. Watch the stars, swim in the ocean, walk through a forest or toast marshmallows over a bonfire. The world is beautiful, and taking time out to enjoy it is energizing.


Reading connects you with a person that may have lived decades, or even hundreds of years before you were born. It gives you an insight into another world and perspective. And it grows you in the easiest way possible, all from the comfort of your favorite chair. If you’re not a big reader, the best way to start is to either pick your personal transformation topic and go for the most popular book in that genre

Start now…

Shahina Saeed