About us

Welcome to My Happy, we’re so pleased that you’ve decided to become part of the community. A community dedicated to making ourselves and others happy, every day of the year.

Life can be very hard on a personal and a global level and stresses and anxieties can take over our mindset, making us think that everything is bleak, grey and gloomy. This has a serious impact on our longterm mental health and wellbeing. However, with practice we can learn to be happier and unlearn negative thoughts and habits that we’ve developed over the years.

My Happy has been created for every one of us across the world to visit daily with a view to become happier ourselves, and help make others happy.

My Happy is free to use and is rich with:

Personality Tests

Quizzes, tips and tricks to aid in becoming happier and to help deal with stress and anxiety

Our own articles and interesting articles from all over the world

Blog articles, listicles and polls

Videos from experts and influencers

Galleries of ‘Happies’, designed to be shared globally to offer love and support to others

We want everyone to visit My Happy regularly, to remind us to keep practicing happiness. Whether it be to read a thought provoking or motivational article, to watch a video of an expert talk or lecture, or to browse our galleries with a view to send a beautifully designed aspiration Happy to one of loved ones.

My Happy is a global community that already has nearly 300,000 followers on social media spanning from East to West, across the globe!