Why Are We Here?

We arrive on this planet with certain ways, habits, looks and DNA, all pre-programmed for drama. Each day we are presented with a fresh tangle of restrictions and opportunities. But, if we want, we can be authors of our own stories, if we accept the task. The unheroic person flails, forgets, blames ,despairs, then abdicates responsibility. The artist, acquires a habit – a repeated response that builds on itself of sorting out the tangle on a regular basis. And becomes adept in fitting the loose ends into one tapestry of life.

As long as you hold an image of yourself as the protagonist in the context of your on-going life story, as the person mainly responsible for making things happen. And making sense of what happens, and drawing wisdom from the events, you will never be reduced to being a passive victim. The protagonist takes life and looks at it with focus and contemplation, refusing to be churned around like a helpless fly in deep waters. What he/she draws out of the on-going events, is what enlists our sympathies, and attracts us to their stories.

I can never be “in control’ of my life. Only the very young and naïve, hold that belief. But I have learned, that it is my response to what happens to me, defines me. How do I behave? In the face of provocation, challenge, fear? I can’t win every chapter of my life. It’s more to do with keeping track of yourself intelligently with imagination and humour. Humour provides distancing relief, and conserves strength and concentration for the next onslaught.

Keeping track of yourself means never losing sight of what you set out to do with your life and being alert to signals that it’s time to revise portions of your plot, or begin a new chapter.

You develop a “trigger response” a habit, a groove, “of looking at yourself,” as you create the circumstances that will one day add up to the story you envisioned for your life and as those circumstances and “trigger responses create you”.

You ask yourself: “what do I need to change to get back on top of my story” ?

A protagonist never succumbs to the plot, however challenging it is. That’s his speciality. He flounders, he prospers, but he remains anchored to his inner resolve. Here I lost my grip, here I was decimated, and here I really beat the odds. Here I almost abandoned hope. Here I behaved like a coward, and here I was resoundingly betrayed, but I bounced back because I cannot be a loser. It does not fit into my story.

The trick is to bow to your luck when it comes, even if it’s bad and yet never succumb. Try, try, try to turn it around. Keep your courage and wits and sense of humour. Lighten up, laugh at your victory and laugh at your losses. Then get up and bounce back. I must use every ounce of my energy to make possible, what still must happen. That’s the protagonist not succumbing to the challenges of the plot.

To live our life as deeply as we can

Fashionable critics will demoralise you, out of your sense of accountability to yourself. With glee, they will paint the universe in loose strokes of, “it’s all random” ‘ it’s all karma” There is no final accountability” but you listen to your own inner voice. It barely whispers. It guides those who know how to listen. It tells you, ‘you are a unique act of creation if…if…if…sshhh. If you listen to that whisper. It’s the CREATOR. He has a plan for you….

LISTEN. Listen to your animating fires. Listen to that clear voice within, cutting through the buzz of a million contradictory messages of ‘what is the path.’

Ask yourself, IS THIS WHY WE ARE ALL HERE? TO MAKE SENSE OF OUR CIRCUMSTANCES! To interpret them as we go along? To weave our highest role and perform with un-impeachable integrity? To feel good and respect ourselves, even if we fail? To get up and try again. 

Ms. Amita Mohan