The Power of Thought


I truly believe that there is always a solution, however difficult a situation may seem. A lock can be as big as it gets, though it always has a key to it.

Going through the journey of life, I too was faced with some difficult situations. I had fungus on my toe nails. I had surgery done, but it wasn’t of any use. The fungus came right back. The doctor suggested a medicine that had very harsh side effects. It meant I could develop liver damage. I practice Rajyoga meditation as taught at the Brahma Kumaris spiritual organisation. We have been taught to never give up. I recollect putting down on paper all that one can do in any given situation. We practice some spiritual drills as we call them.

Firstly, creating a powerful thought early morning and before sleeping- my body is perfect, my nails are pink and healthy. I visualised my nails looking perfect. At night our subconscious mind is active and so is it early morning. When something enters the subconscious, it soon becomes reality. This is a research that has been carried out by many. I just used it to my advantage. The crux being, believing in what you are saying to yourself and visualising clearly.

Secondly, while bathing I collected the water in a bucket and looked at it and created the thought that I am a pure soul and pure energy from the divine is going into this water  through my eyes. This water is healing my nails. This I did for about 2 minutes.

Thirdly, before drinking water I did the same exercise creating the thought this water is healing my body and nails.

As I kept doing these simple exercises, within a few weeks the damaged nails began to grow out and I could see the pink healthy nails growing.

In fact, our body is made up of 70% water and when this water is replaced with pure water healing begins. The amazing thing was that I had also been suffering from migraines. One fine day I realised that the migraines had gone!

I do believe that while these practices helped me, it was also my intense faith and determination to use an alternative method to cure myself. The divine energy plays a miraculous role in healing us of anything. I’d say, determination combined with divine energy is the key to solutions to everything.

Ms. Rachna Gupta


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