The Power of Blessing

Ever thought that you can receive a constant fountain of blessings? Blessings have a huge power. We have all heard that from our mothers, grandparents, gurus. We think of blessings as a positive energy coming from others to us. How do I get to a point when I’m able to receive a shower of blessings continuously? I practice Rajyoga meditation and in the process I learnt this beautiful method.


My Experience that healed me:

While at a retreat I was told that- from the moment I get up – I should create a powerful thought blessing to the entire universe – God bless all living beings, men, women, animals, birds, nature- with happiness and bliss. And as the day moves on, one should create this thought for everyone one meets or sees on the road or the TV or even for people we think about. I needed to do this for a full day. I was told that I would feel light and contented by the time the day ends. I thought this was bizarre.

However- since we were at this retreat – I focused on this exercise and decided to experiment with it. When we try to create thoughts we aren’t accustomed to creating, it is a bit of a challenge, to begin with. After every hour I was to check what I had been thinking about. Like this I focussed on it for some time, slowly as hours went by, it became easier for the simple reason- it gave me a lot of peace and happiness. Now, by the time night came – I was so light and happy. Nothing seemed difficult. I felt elevated, blissful and healed.


They explained to us how this works. The karma philosophy is that – every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The question is what is good karma? Every thought word and deed is energy that I send out – which is my karma. We all understand karma at the level of word and action, not at the level of thoughts. Inadvertently we create about 25-30 thoughts a minute and what goes on in our minds we are not mindful of that. If we reflect on what we think we will realize – most of our thoughts are negative or rather waste. We either regret our past or worry about the future or even worry about how others should be leading their lives.

All these thoughts add up in our karma – or adds up as debit in the balance sheet of our life. As every thought we create goes out as energy and effects the people, nature beings around. In a very subtle way, they too send back negative energy and I feel low and sad. I don’t understand the reason. However- the opposite too works.

So, if I send out constant positive, elevated thoughts that spread the fragrance of blessings – these vibrations affect the beings, nature around me – and I begin to get a constant shower of their subtle blessings. Then I say I don’t know why- but I feel so happy.

Learning The Power of Blessing:

So now I’m mindful of creating elevated thoughts and whenever I see or read about a tragic story I send out blessings to those souls immediately. It is as if they too are listening to me, my heart warms up to those affected souls.

Happiness experience:

I have used this technique in many situations with positive results. In my neighborhood, there is a house with many cats and dogs. They sometimes cry and their pain reaches out to me. I have experienced that when I send them blessings – in a short while they stop crying. It’s a very powerful and satisfying experience and makes me realize the amazing powers we have in simply blessings others with thoughts. Let’s use them for healing ourselves and consequently the world at large.

Rachna Gupta

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