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Beliefs: How They Affect Our Lives?


Belief – what it really means: We all carry many beliefs through our life journey. What are these beliefs? Beliefs could be some superstitions we carry from childhood – like, 13 is an unlucky number or 7 is lucky. Or…

Creating Positive Thinking


I have heard from childhood – the world was created with thought. However, today so much talk is going on about the power of thought. ‘Be positive’ is the mantra for today. True, we need to be positive – but…

The Alchemy of Acceptance

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We all go through moments when we get stuck in a situation. Everything seems to be going right and suddenly something unexpected hits you…In this article the author describes the power of self acceptance and positive thinking. My son got…

10 Positive Healing Affirmations That Actually Work

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How easy it is to say these words but we don’t realise that saying simple positive affirmations, daily, affects our lives in the most amazing ways. Affirmations or positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative…