The Power of Positive Beliefs

The Power that Beliefs

As I begin to understand the effect beliefs have on me, I get motivated to change the beliefs that bring me pain. Beliefs, in fact, become a part of my subconscious mind. My every thought word and action gets triggered by my beliefs.

My Experience

I’ve been an English teacher at an NGO. I taught spoken English. I came across this student who had been totally rejected by the other teachers. I was told not to waste my time on him. He was distracted and troublesome. His English was rather poor and he was a very discontented boy. I felt he wasn’t academically inclined but had potential to work hard. I encouraged him to learn hairdressing. Today this boy is a very good hairdresser, is well known for his talent and the very people who rejected him as useless respect him for his achievement. What changed? My faith in his potential – my BELIEF that he can create the vibration of success.

My Experience with Superstitions

Superstitions are also a part of my belief system. I, as a student had this superstition that a cat crossing your path is a bad omen. Now I was going to take an exam and a cat crossed my path. My morale went down and I couldn’t do well despite the fact that I was well prepared. My BELIEF worked to my disadvantage – all I kept reiterating to myself was – now I can’t do well in this exam!

The Method 

We don’t even make an effort to change as we feel it isn’t possible. Let us work on our beliefs that trouble us by adopting a new POSITIVE BELIEF. The old and new cannot work simultaneously as they are contradictory. Today if I change the belief that anger gets work done, I replace anger with understanding and love. I may not get the results immediately. However, as I change my vibration to a positive one, I begin to get results. Let me give it a try and work on myself.

Power of Positive Beliefs - Personal Experience & Effect on children

Let me identify the beliefs I want to change, replace and then work on the new belief. I need to stop permanently labeling people, myself and situations. My new experience then encourages me to reflect on myself.

The Power of Beliefs and their effect on children

If I believe changing deep habits is not possible – this is another harmful belief which I pass on to my children and they too make no effort to change. They too live with a very discomforting belief system. However, the moment I am open to change and believe it is possible to change I pass this on to my children.

Children are impressionable. They can be easily molded. So, I need to be very careful about what beliefs I carry as they are catching it all. Parents have the power to change the beliefs of a child and make them positive.

As they say – nip it in the bud.


To do this, we need no support, no finances, nothing from outside. All we need to do is to first understand how beliefs work and that it’s possible to change them. Next, we need to be ready to change for here the only obstacle in my way is my own self.

I now know how to get rid of limiting beliefs that come in the way of my success and happiness and now I can gift the progeny with soul friendly beliefs.

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