Instagram Is Ruining My Life

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[icon name=”instagram” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] I wish Instagram didn’t exist 

Instagram, and social media on the whole, is destroying my life!

4 or 5 years ago I was a happy and energetic 20 year old, with a group of friends that partied hard but what were I would consider honest and kind.

Now my energy is consumed with trying to keep up, show off, look better, appear happier, eat better, train harder, have more money and better things and try and out do my friends and others in my social circle. It’s bullshit and I’m done with it!

While I could actually be having fun or doing incredible things, I’m too worried about what other people are doing. It gives me unnecessary stress.

[icon name=”instagram” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Instagram amplifies my fear of being left behind by almost showing me proof of it, spurring the fear of missing out.

How many hours a month, week or even a day am I wasting in this fabricated world of nonsense. It’s all lies and untruths and we all know it, but we all do it. How stupid are we?!

I sit for hours bitching in my head about the bullshit statuses and situations of my friends, and the rest of the time I’m planning my next post and preparing for it. Then I spend the following hours anxiously watching the comments and likes coming in and if they don’t…well that’s even worse!

There are times I go to bed either crying or setting my alarm for the night to see if I’ve gained any more likes or comments. I’m addicted and depressed. And I hate myself for being this pathetic sheep, following the herds when we all know that life isn’t like what it is on Instagram. Though Instagram is life!


[icon name=”instagram” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] I’m single too, and do you know why I think that is? Because no one I meet is anything like the rich, well dressed gym boys I follow…on Instagram!

I don’t feel like I know any of my friends anymore and question whether I ever really did. We never did those stupid pouts in our late teens.

I can’t keep this up forever, it’s just dishonest and unreal. And what does the future hold for social media and how we use it, as I’m losing days of my life to this, when I should be happy – this is anti-social media!

But for now, I just don’t know what to do.



In our previous post “Challenges faced by Millennials” we have explained how electronic media has changed or amplified some of the struggles young people face. In fact, the average teen spends over nine hours each day using their electronic devices. Their social media habits and media consumption are changing the way young people communicate, learn, sleep, and exercise.

According to Time Health, “studies have suggested that young people who spend more than two hours a day on social networking sites are more likely to report psychological distress.” While it seems to be a general trend that all social media promotes negative mental health, to many people around the world, Instagram stands out in particular.

As a few months ago, a study published by the Royal Society for Public Health and the Young Health Movement announced that Instagram was ranked worst social media platform for young people’s mental health. 

Too much can be unhealthy, but too little can make you feel another type of the fear of missing out, the fear of not being in the loop. In the meantime, what are your thoughts about finding a middle ground?

What do you think? What’s the perfect balance of Instagram usage?

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