Beliefs: How They Affect Our Lives?

Belief – what it really means:

We all carry many beliefs through our life journey. What are these beliefs? Beliefs could be some superstitions we carry from childhood – like, 13 is an unlucky number or 7 is lucky. Or it could be my perspective – about people or even my own self. We often say: “He is an angry man or he is manipulative – he will never change”.

I carry some very limiting negative beliefs about myself too – e.g. I am not capable of doing this job or it is my nature to get angry or worry or become fearful.

When we hold on to our negative outlook about others, about situations or about ourselves for a long time it becomes a part of our thought process which forms our belief system. It is formed due to past experiences of pain and hurt.

How beliefs work:

This sort of labelling people or self or situations limit my success and happiness. When I label someone as ANGRY – I send him the vibration that I expect anger from him. My strong belief radiates similar energy and that is exactly what I receive. Then we complain – look, I told you so. Similarly when I limit myself with the belief that I am a weak person who cannot handle difficult situations- so it is. Every time I’m faced with something difficult I have it all stored within and I tell myself that I don’t need to change and do anything about it. My limiting belief system stops the change needed. I have told myself- it is my nature and I can be lazy and do nothing about it.

Negative results:

This kind of an attitude brings within us a very deep rooted negativity that – habits cannot be changed. And I go on with life with all the stored deep beliefs and thus habits that are detrimental to my happiness and success. People around me too endorse this feeling and I think it is perfectly fine to be this way. In fact we mostly do not know another way. And like this we pass on this message to our children too – habits are impossible to change.

The actual reason for this is our deeply embedded belief system.


When we see the first sign of a little bit of tension we need to check it immediately. Just the way, for the body, the moment we feel a bit of pain we contact a doctor to cure it. Similarly for tension, stress, jealousy- we need to immediately remove it from the source when we see the first sign – else it develops into anger or even depression. Today we say anger is natural in difficult situations. Slowly this anger takes the form of depression or mental illness. Anger is there as things don’t go on according to me and I have the belief that I need to be better than everyone around me. Things can never go on according to me all the time and I am stuck with my self-limiting belief system. This kind of anger will never go away and I then become slave to my deep habits.

Working on Beliefs for Positive Lifestyle:

Now let us look at a new belief system. We always believed that anger gets work done. Today I create a new belief – love is the most powerful energy that gets work done. Or, past belief was – there is cut throat competition and I need to put others down to rise up. Let’s replace it with – as you sow so shall you reap. So, to rise in life I need to help others to rise and I will automatically rise as that’s what I sowed.

Now instead of saying it is my habit which can’t be changed- I work on these new beliefs and experiment with them. I’ve used anger always, as my aim was only to get the work done. However, now my aim is to get the work done and enjoy the process too. This will take a bit of doing- but gradually I change my habit – even an obstinate one and enjoy this journey called life. Let me not be a slave to my beliefs and thus habits. 

Let me look at my limiting beliefs and make a list of them. I now diligently work on them by replacing them with positive beliefs. In our previous article, we have discussed the power of positive belief and how it guides and directs your subconscious mind.

We will see next how these beliefs affect our children and how they affect parenting which was the most natural but is a big challenge in today’s world.


Rachna Gupta

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