The Alchemy of Acceptance

We all go through moments when we get stuck in a situation. Everything seems to be going right and suddenly something unexpected hits you…In this article the author describes the power of self acceptance and positive thinking.

My son got married and went off on his honeymoon. I was in a state of complete satisfaction- feeling content. I noticed a red patch on my arm near the elbow. It wasn’t bothering me but I went to the doctor all the same. He asked me if I have any sensation there. I had no pain no feeling at all. On examination he said it seems like leprosy. I was shocked and I did not believe him. So I went to a well-known skin specialist. He too had the same diagnosis. It was according to him 99.99% leprosy and a .01% chance of some other skin problem.

My happiness and contentment was blown away. I couldn¹t believe my ears. Now this meant many difficult changes to cope with. Living separate from the family and having a very harsh medicine and the stigma of having a disease like this.

I practice Rajyog meditation, give talks on positive thinking and managing life in difficult situations. All that I had learnt – what happened to it? I tried to apply it all – but my internal pain was too intense. While all this clutter was going on in my head, the doctor had taken a piece of the damaged skin for testing.

I cried and thought of the worst. However in this process a very beautiful solution came to me – that was to surrender. So, when to our limited mind sometimes no solution or solace comes as we are so disturbed. In such a situation just surrender the problem to the supreme most and be willing to accept whatever consequences. What I said was: “This is NOT my problem- it is YOURS. I am your child who is confused and disturbed. I accept whatever you think is best for me. My family members too are your children. I know you will take care of them.”  Now when I said this – in the beginning I was just saying it- I did not feel it from within. I did a lot of self talk to make myself comfortable with the given situation.

One evening I felt that I had really handed over my situation in God’s hands. It was a moment of complete surrender. I knew from within whatever the outcome – it was for my good. I felt in control, satisfied and blessed. The next morning a call came from my doctor. He said that I had a simple skin problem which was only a .01% chance!!!

This is the power of surrender to the Almighty! It means COMPLETE faith in the divine – HIS ways are ways we don’t understand. All we need to do is to understand that HE cannot do anything for me that isn’t good for me. When give the reins of my life in HIS hands – my life becomes simple and worry free.

However the conditions are:

1. Once I hand over the problem or problems to HIM – I stop worrying. For when I worry HE becomes a detached observer.

2. I accept the outcome. Even when the outcome seems not so good- if I have faith in HIS work – good it will become. It all depends on my faith.

We have all heard that faith can move mountains. Yes – faith can move the huge mountain of problems. And once I have experienced it, the next time becomes easier and life then begins to move on another plane.

Ms. Rachna Gupta

You have more control that you may realize in creating your life experience. Do you know how to activate your self-healing ability?